Thumbscrews metric with plastic knobs


Metric M3 and M5 Thumbscrews



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Metric M3 and M3 thumbscrews with 16mm knurled plastic cap

M5 x 20 with 16mm cap, used in LulzBot TAZ 4 and TAZ 5 Z minimum stop
M5 x 16 with 16mm cap, used as LulzBot TAZ 4 and Taz 5 bed carriage fasteners
M3 x 25 with 10mm cap, used in Lulzbot TAZ 1-3 Z minimum stop
M4 x 55 with 10mm cap, used in LulzBot TAZ and Mini to tension extruder idler
M4 x 60 with 10mm cap, used in LulzBot AO to tension extruder idler

M5 caps to make your own custom length thumbscrews.

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .5 × .5 × .5 in



M5x20, M3x25, M5x16, M5 Cap, M5x14, M3 Cap, M4x55, M4x60


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