New Polymaker Polylite PLA 3D printing filament!

New Polymaker Polylite is the next gen inexpensive PLA you’ve been looking for!

Experience the beautiful surface finish and resilience we’ve been really impressed¬†with on our test prints.

  • 16 colors, including 4 translucents
  • 3mm
  • $24.95 1 kg rolls
  • Coming soon: $70 3kg (6.6lb) rolls!! Save money, while never running out of filament on big jobs.
  • Comes in a re-sealable bag!!!
    Treefrog in Polylite. Bonus easter egg for those with sharp eyes ūüėČ

    LulzBot has been getting fantastic results with their test prints.

Matte finish PLA 3D Printer filament

High temperature PLA (HTPLA) filament by Proto Pasta is now available with a low luster textured matte surface!

While retaining the easy print-ability and low emissions of standard PLA, HTPLA can be heat treated to retain stiffness to higher temps and it has improved stability compared to HTPLA without fibers.
The matte finish comes from plant fibers, so you also do not need a wear resistant nozzle for this filament!img_20161107_1357091proto-pasta-matte-fiber-treefrog-2



New 3D printing filament: colorFabb HT!

Step up your 3D printing with new co-polyesters.

If you’ve tried the new co-polyester 3D printing filaments like Chromastrand Inova 1800 and colorFabb nGen¬†you know how they combine the warp and split resistance and strong bed adhesion of PLA with the strength and heat resistance of ABS, while maintaining lower fume and particulate emissions.

How do you choose? There are three Eastman Amphora series co-polyester bases:

  • “Good” is Amphora 3300 is, which we carry as colorFabb nGen. nGen is a big step up from PLA in strength and temp resistance. nGen’s low price makes it a great intro to co-polyesters
  • “Better” is Amphora 1800, which increases strength and heat resistance over 3300- similar to ABS. ¬†We carry it as Chromastrand Labs Inova-1800, which is a “super premium” filament with ultra low consistent dye percentage, and the most stringent dimensional and cooling managament during production. ¬†If you’ve tried other Amphora 1800s, give Inova-1800 a try and see the difference
  • “Best” is Amphora 5300, which increases strength and heat resistance over 1800. ¬†We carry it as the new colorFabb HT. Amphora 5300 is nearly polycarbonate levels of temperature handling and strength, but with low fumes and easy printability!

If you’ve not tried them yet, you’re in for a treat, try some today!

Local Middle School’s 3D printing getting national coverage

Local Middle School teacher Jacob Marshall and the Lucille Erwin Middle School‘s Mesa RC¬†3D printing program (Students make the website and all the media, check out their site!) ¬†was featured in a School 3D Printing case study by LulzBot, which was just featured on ¬†

Lucille Erwin Middle School MESARC on


Carbon Fiber Parts for LulzBot Taz!

Carbon Fiber parts for your LulzBot Taz 3D printer!

Upgrade the style and performance of your Lulzbot TAZ 3D printer with these new carbon fiber parts
With the same dimensions as the original parts, these carbon fiber parts are stronger, stiffer, and look cool!

LulzBot Taz carbon fiber parts.
LulzBot Taz 6 interconnect cover carbon fiber
LulzBot Taz 6 electronics enclosure cover carbon fiber





LulzBot Taz lcd enclosure cover carbon fiber
LulzBot Taz electronics enclosure cover carbon fiber
LulzBot Taz corner bracket carbon fiber
LulzBot Taz y end plate idler carbon fiber
LulzBot Taz y end plate motor carbon fiber

KillaJoule Electric Motorcycle Breaks Landspeed Records with help of 3D printers!

Setting land speed records with help from IT-Works 3D printers.

Our friend Eva H√•kansson is the world’s fastest female motorcycle rider at 270 mph (434 km/h). She is a mechanical engineer and the main builder of her electric streamliner motorcycle aptly named¬†“KillaJoule”, which also happens to be¬†the world’s fastest electric motorcycle!

Dr. Håkansson designs and prints parts using a Lulzbot 3D printer for IT-Works, and Colorado made INOVA-1800 filament!

Get the full story from LulzBot: KillaJoule: Record-Setting Electric Motorcycle Speeds Ahead With 3D Printing



Join us at NoCo Mini Maker Faire this weekend!

Come see us at the Noco Mini Maker Faire, where we’ll be printing in the Loveland CreatorSpace booth.

With plenty of activities and cool things to see, come join us at the “Greatest Show and Tell on Earth”.
Check out some of the prints we’ll have with us:

bindi smalls tardigrade barbie 3d print
Bindi Smalls poses with Barbie’s Battle Tardigrade!


Jamie's battlebot chassis is 3D printed
Jamie’s battlebot chassis is 3D printed
Nerdy Derby!  Your kids can build and race their own Nerdy Derby car at the Loveland Creatorspace booth. We've been busy printing wheels for the cars.
Nerdy Derby! Your kids can build and race their own Nerdy Derby car at the Loveland CreatorSpace booth. We’ve been busy printing wheels for the cars.
Jamie modeled some new Nerdy Derby wheels, and liked this one so much, he printed a big one!
Jamie modeled some new Nerdy Derby wheels, and liked this one so much, he printed a big one!

LulzBot Mini bed calibration update saves your bed.

LulzBot released several updates to the LulzBot Mini firmware that are included with the recent Cura LulzBot Edition version 20.

Among the updates is a check when the Mini runs auto calibration bed leveling to ensure that the calibration is within an acceptable range.  If any of the corner checks are outside the range- typically caused by plastic on the nozzle preventing contact with the corner washer, the calibration start over with a re-wipe of the nozzle.  If the calibration fails twice, the print is halted.   This prevents damage to the bed from a bad calibration.

Do Not Want!
Do Not Want!

Here’s a guide to to perform this easy LulzBot Mini firmware update:

Download and install the latest version of Cura LulzBot Edition

In the Machine Menu, ensure that LulzBot Mini is selected, then click "Install default firmware"
In the Machine Menu, ensure that LulzBot Mini is selected, then click “Install default firmware”

Click Start

Click Start


Click OK when the firmware upgrade finishes. You're done!

Click OK when the firmware upgrade finishes. You’re done!