• hexagon hotend assembly



    Great for building or replacing a hexagon hotend. 1.75 and 3mm

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  • budaschnozzle hotend

    Lulzbot Budaschnozzle hotend for TAZ 1-4


    Original LulzBot TAZ Budaschnozzle hotends.

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  • resistor-ceramic-heater-cartridge



    Resistor ceramic heater cartridge for 3D printer hotends including hexagon

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  • thermistor 100k ohm

    THERMISTOR 100k ohm Semitech GT-2 for Hexagon


    Original equipment thermistor for LulzBot V2 hotends in TAZ and Mini

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  • lulzbot-hexagon-40mm-fan-duct

    TAZ 5 and Mini hexagon 40mm heatsink fan upgrade


    40mm heatsink fan upgrade kit for LulzBot hexagon hotends

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  • Pelonis micro blower fan hexagon

    Micro Blower fan, 5.5V

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  • 24v40mmpelonisfan_0

    40mm Pelonis Fan Low Flow


    40mm LulzBot filament and hotend cooling fans.

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  • sanyo denki san ace b52 109BC12GC7-1 52 x 15 blower fan

    Blower fan 12V 52×15 3 wire

    Sale!$22.00 $17.00

    80mm 24v 4 wire fan by Sanyo Denki

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  • sanyo denki fan san ace 80 9ga0824P7D001

    Fan 24V 80mm 4 wire

    Sale!$20.00 $15.00

    80mm 24v 4 wire fan by Sanyo Denki

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  • sanyo denki 109P0424H701 40mm 24v fan

    Fan 24V 40mm 3 wire


    Sanyo Denki 40mm x 40mm x 15mm 109P0424H701

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  • sanyo denki 109P0412H901

    Fan 12V 40mm


    Available in 2 or 3 wire

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  • IMG_20150702_103148


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  • resistor 4 ohm

    Resistor 4.7 ohm Lulzbot Budaschnozzle


    4.7 ohm resistor for LulzBot Budaschozzle hotends.

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  • limit switch lulzbot taz mini

    Limit Switch


    Limit switch SIM Roll SPDT 3A 125V

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  • thermistor buda 100k

    Thermistor 100k Honeywell Axial Lulzbot Budaschnozzle


    Thermistor Lulzbot Budaschnozzle 100k Honeywell Axial

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    TAZ Rambo 3D Printer Controller Board


    RAMBO controller board for Lulzbot TAZ series

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  • mini-rambo-10a

    Mini-Rambo 3D Printer Controller Board


    Original controller board for LulzBot Mini.

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  • 1-66359-4

    Connector Pins


    The 6 sizes of crimped connector pins used in LulzBot 3D printers!

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  • taz-4-5-bed-wiring-harness-both

    LulzBot TAZ 4 5 Bed Wiring Harness


    TAZ 4 and 5 toolbed wiring harnesses, choose from internal or external.

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  • molex headers and wire housings

    Molex 1 row connector housings


    Molex 1 row connector housings for LulzBot 3D printers and other projects.

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  • lulzbot TAZ 4 5 x axis harness KT-EL0012

    LulzBot TAZ 4 5 X axis Wiring Harness


    LulzBot TAZ 4 and 5 external X axis wiring harness KT-EL0012

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  • molex-2-row-connectors-lulzbot-tool-head

    Molex 2 row connector housings


    Molex 2 row toolhead connectors for TAZ and Mini

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  • lulzbot taz 4 5 tool head extruder wiring harness

    LulzBot TAZ 4 5 Tool Head Wiring Harness


    TAZ 4 and 5 tool head wiring harness

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  • LulzBot hot bed connector anderson 1332-bk 1327g6

    Anderson plug for LulzBot heated bed


    Anderson connector plug for LulzBot TAZ and Mini heated bed

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