3D Printing Services

We are now offering custom 3D Printing Services.  From Architecture, Aerospace, Molds, Gaming, to Mobility Devices and Prototyping.  We cater to your needs while bringing your product to life.

  1. ABS
  2. PLA
  3. PETG
  4. Nylon
  5. Carbon Infused Filaments
  6. And more
  7. No high temp printing available at the moment
We are working towards offering Large Scale 3D Printing Services as well.  We are gauging interest at the moment to see if it something worthwhile for us to offer.  If you have the need for Large Scale Printing projects let us know.  
We have a passion about creating Mobility Devices for Power chairs, Wheelchairs, Custom Gaming tools, etc.  If you have these specific needs, email us and let’s get a conversation going about how we can help you or your company create solutions to problems.
If you have a file created that you need printed, Great!  If not let us know we can help with CAD and Design as well.

Please email us at info@itworks3d.com.  We can discuss the options available.