For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

Q: What is your return policy?
A: You may return your purchases for a refund of the purchase price of the items within 30 days. Outgoing and return shipping are not included.  There will be a restock fee on toolheads since they are built per order.

Q: What does “refurbished” mean?
A: Refurbished means that the item is not new, and has been repaired and tested to be in proper working order. Unless otherwise noted, our refurbished items are in good or better condition with only minor blemishes or signs of wear. Wikipedia has a good article on refurbishment

Q: Do refurbished items have a warranty?
A: IT-Works guarantees refurbished items for 30 days. LulzBot does not warranty or support refurbished items.

Q: What are some resources I might want to know about?
A: If you are in warranty, contact LulzBot
If you are out of warranty, the LulzBot Forum is a great place to get help.
Software to manage your printer: Cura LulzBot Edition
For excellent LulzBot 3D printer maintenance, repair, assembly, and upgrade guides, check out LulzBot’s Open Hardware Assembly Instructions
Tinkercad is an easy, free web based 3D model creation program. Use Tinkercad’s tutorials or our  Introduction to 3D model Creation with Tinkercad

Q: What does “A Condition” mean?
A: “A Condition” means that they are in excellent (though not flawless) cosmetic condition.

Q: What does “Refurbished toolhead (and cable)” mean
A: New toolheads often include “accessories” like a page with the website with installation instructions https://ohai.lulzbot.com/group/accessories/ , a filament sample, bolts, and similar items that aren’t critical to install.  LulzBot changes the accessory list often, and we don’t always have all the accessories, so we don’t want to promise you’ll get everything that’s included with a new toolhead.  You will get a complete, test, functional toolhead that you can install and use.

Q: What do the numbers in the refurbished 3D printers’ descriptions mean?
A: The numbers in the descriptions are serial numbers, which are tagged on the back of the printer’s control box. As we include photos and video of the actual printer you’ll receive, It’s how we track them here, and it’s an easy way for you to tell you received the printer you ordered.

Q: What does “prototype” mean in the description of your refurbished printers?
A:  This means that the printer was a LulzBot R&D prototype, and may have parts that are different than the production machines. We test and refurbish them function equivalent to a low use production printer.

Q: What are the differences between your refurbished LulzBot TAZ 5 printers?
A: We test and repair all printers to perform like a low use production printer, so the differences are in cosmetics and features.
The least expensive printers have the older style plastic cased power supplies, sometimes the older “V2A/B”  toolhead connectors (V2C is desirable if you plan to purchase optional dual or flexible toolheads), and typically have more cosmetic blemishes.
The mid priced printers are in better cosmetic condition, usually have the later V2C toolhead connectors, and typically have the earlier plastic cased power supply.
The upper priced printers typically include the very desirable more durable, higher wattage metal cased power supplies, and tend to be in A-B cosmetic condition.

Q: What are the differences between your refurbished LulzBot Mini 3D printers?
A: There were only a few minor running changes to the initial “Foxglove” series Minis, so pricing mainly reflects the cosmetic condition and accessory kit included.  The Gladiola series released in Nov 2016 changed the wiring harness, and changed the RAMBO controller to allow addition of an optional LCD.

Q: What are the differences between the different versions of the LulzBot TAZs?
A: We wrote a handy article on the LulzBot forum addressing “What are the differences between the Lulzbot TAZ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Q: Do you have a comparison chart for 3D printer filaments?
A: Yes! Here’s our comparison chart of 3d printer filaments

Q: How fast to do you ship?
A: We ship in stock items within 24 hours M-F. We do our best to same day ship items that are ordered before 3p MST on weekdays, and before 12P MST on Saturdays.

Q: How old / How much use do your refurbished 3D printers have?
A: As these are machines we refurbished, they aren’t new to us, so there’s no way to answer age and use.
That said, you can buy with confidence that these are known good printers, as it’s our business to repair and refurbish machines, and these 3D printers have gone through a multi-step process, including multiple QA prints by multiple people to ensure that they’re in good working order. We guarantee the printers operation for 30 days, and have the resources to resolve any issues that might come up.

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