BOROSILICATE GLASS BED 300mm x 300mm, Blemished


Borosilicate Glass plate 300mm x 300mm x 3.1mm (1.8th in) Perfect for large 3D printer print beds projects.
“Blemished” condition, see description for details.

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Building a printer?
Someone used “hulk hands” on your bed?
We got ‘ya bed glass right here.

Large 300x300mm borosilcate glass only sheet of the same dimensions and specifications as used on the TAZ 3D printer bed.

Works with: LulzBot® TAZ 5, LulzBot® TAZ 4, LulzBot® TAZ 3,LulzBot® TAZ 2 or 1
“Blemished” condition may have minor heater adhesive residue PET tape (remove for a clean surface!) , but will be crack and chip free.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × .5 in



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