• Co-polyester

    Co-polyester (3)

  • Low Emissions

    Low Emissions (13)

  • PLA

    PLA (13)

  • ABS

    ABS (3)

  • HIPS

    HIPS (1)

  • Flexible

    Flexible (3)

  • Nylon

    Nylon (3)

  • polymaker polylite 1kg and 3kg reels

    PLA Polylite by Polymaker


    Polymaker Polylite is the inexpensive next gen PLA you’ve been waiting for!

    Available in a rainbow of colors including translucents with a shiny finish.

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  • polymaker polylite 1kg and 3kg reels

    PLA Polylite by Polymaker 3KG / 6.6lb


    BIG saving on BIG rolls of PLA!


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  • ngen_reels_0



    nGen by colorFabb has it all: low emissions, printability and strength.
    Upgrade your printing with one of the new breed of high performance co-polyester filaments.
    Available in 17 colors!

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  • Inova-1800 By Chroma Strand Labs, packaging

    Inova 1800

    Sale!$80.00 $70.00

    Colorado made Inova-1800 by Chroma Strand Labs is the super premium 3D printing filament you’ve been looking for!
    High strength, low emissions, and beautiful finish.

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  • ColorFabb HT

    HT by colorFabb


    Upgrade to “professional strength” 3D printing filament!

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  • Irridescent Ice Proto Pasta HTPLA

    Translucent High Temperature PLA


    Beautiful, translucent HTPLA out performs PLA, ABS, and Polyesters like PET!

    Avaiable in Irridescent Ice and Silver Smoke

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  • Glitter Flake High Temperature PLA

    Glitter Flake High Temperature PLA


    Make Shiny Glittery 3D prints!

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  • Aromatic Cinnamon High Temperature PLA

    Aromatic Cinnamon High Temperature PLA


    Cinnamon 3D prints!

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  • Aromatic Coffee PLA by Proto-Pasta

    Aromatic Coffee High Temperature PLA


    Grumpy 3D printer? Maybe it needs a coffee fix!

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  • Red Proto Pasta matte fiber PLA

    Matte Fiber High Temperature PLA


    Designer Finish and Engineering Performance for Every 3D Printer!

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  • Proto Pasta magnetic iron rustable PLA

    Magnetic Iron PLA


    PLA that is magnetic and rustable!

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  • proto pasta carbon fiber pla 3mm 500g

    Carbon Fiber PLA


    Carbon Fiber is a strong, stiff, light weight 3D printing filament.

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  • Stainless Steel PLA by Proto Pasta

    Stainless Steel PLA


    Make you 3D prints “Metal” < Rocktopus throws the horns, bangs head>

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  • Black Proto Pasta PC-ABS

    PC-ABS Alloy


    High performance material for high performance hardware.

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  • ABS by Village Plastics



    ABS, the “strong, inexpensive type”

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  • ABS 5lb reels by Village Plastics

    ABS 5lb Reel


    Big time filament for big time prints!

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  • T-Glase by Taulman



    Your 3D prints will make them say “oooh, shiny!”

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  • Natural PCTPE by Taulman dyed with fabric dye

    Taulman PCTPE nylon


    Flexible, dyeable nylon
    3D printing cell phone cases? This is the filament you want.

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  • Alloy 910 by Taulman

    Taulman Alloy 910 nylon


    Bio-mimetic-poly-alloy? Not quite yet, but Alloy 910 will make cool 3D prints that won’t chase after John Conner.

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  • Bridge_Nylon

    Taulman Bridge Nylon


    Taulman’s “Bridge” high strength Nylon co-polymer combines the strength of Nylon 645 and the ease of printing of ABS/PLA.

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  • Natural Village Plastics HIPS

    HIPS by Village Plastics


    Village Plastics 3mm HIPS 3D printing filament, 1KG roll, natural (undyed) color.

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  • Ninjaflex by NinjaTek



    Flexible and tough 3D printing filament.

    Requires optional Flexystruder toolhead to print on LulBot 3D printers

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  • Semiflex by NinjaTek



    Semiflex is flexible and tough like Ninjaflex, but with added firmness.

    Requires optional Flexystruder toolhead to print on LulBot 3D printers

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  • copperFill by ColorFabb

    copperFill Copper PLA


    3D print in Copper with colorFabb copperFill!

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