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3D Printer helps improve radiation treatment

Cutting edge cancer radiation treatments are being developed using LulzBot 3D printers!

Alex Markovic is an oncologist at Northern Colorado Medical Center in Greeley Colorado. Alex and his team came up with the idea of using scans of patients to create a 3D printed “bolus” mold that conforms precisely to each patient to optimize the distribution of radiation treatments.
After purchasing a LulzBot TAZ 6 and Flexydually v2 toolhead to test their designs, Alex and his team have received 3D Printer training and consulting from IT-Works 3D to improve their skills and results. It’s been a pleasure to do a small part to move this new medical treatment forward!


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Print your own chair feet!

The Problem: Kitchen chairs!

Our kitchen chairs were what my Granny would have called, catywompus!  The plastic feet inserts broke over the years , but when we thought we would just add new ones, we discovered they were custom to the chair.   After much searching online, I found a whole lot of nothing.  I decided to save myself the hassle and hand Jamie a chair foot so that he could draw up a design in Tinkercad!  A couple of days later he handed me back a 3D printed chair foot, very similar to the one I originally gave him!

It snapped in easy peasy!   Jamie printed off enough for the rest of the chairs and ten minutes of install later our chairs were no longer ‘catywompus’.   Easiest home improvement/fix up ever!!  I am slowly discovering that having a 3D printer comes in quite handy for around the house stuff and making parts that you may otherwise have to have custom-made.   That, and it’s just a lot of fun!!

How To:
For this project Jamie used a Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer and black ABS filament.  At first we considered using a flexible filament called Ninja Flex, but decided against it.  I was concerned that with it being flexible and sort of ‘grabby’ for lack of a better description, that it would be difficult to move across the hardwood floors.  The ABS is a tough and smoother filament and moved easily on the floor, although in the end I’m not sure if that mattered because I put furniture sliders on top of the chair feet.

If you have broken things around your house or little broken parts that are difficult to come by, you may  be able to design a replacement yourself and 3D print it, just as we did these chair feet.

Chair foot insert replacement 3d print (4) Chair foot insert replacement 3d print (3) Chair foot insert replacement 3d print (1) Chair foot insert replacement 3d print (2)

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Smart cane parts

We printed prototype parts for donation to Mary Hood’s Smart Cane project .
3D printers can be used for all kinds of useful things! 17 year old Mary Hood created a smart cane to help make walking safer. It senses stairs, curbs and other possible hazards. It also tracks its users’ heart rates, reminds them to take their medication and  lights the path ahead. Getting the idea from her 85 year old grandmother set this inventive teen into action!  Read more about Mary Hood’s project on Popular Science    Here at ItWorks 3D we love that we can help be a part of so many worthy and fun projects! We get to see creativity and ingenuity come to life with 3D printers.

Notice how well the Lulzbot TAZ 5 printed the unsupported holes in the vertical legs

download (9)
download (10)
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Laser cat!

Fun with 3D printing, because who doesn’t need a laser cat?!  This file can be found at Thingiverse  The original laser cat looks much like the one below, but as 3D Printing goes there is always a lot of fun to be had with tinkering around with designs!  Someone added lasers to the poor laser’less cat here

This was printed on a Lulzbot Mini!  Available for sale HERE!!

upload (2)