Smart cane parts

We printed prototype parts for donation to Mary Hood’s Smart Cane project .
3D printers can be used for all kinds of useful things! 17 year old Mary Hood created a smart cane to help make walking safer. It senses stairs, curbs and other possible hazards. It also tracks its users’ heart rates, reminds them to take their medication and  lights the path ahead. Getting the idea from her 85 year old grandmother set this inventive teen into action!  Read more about Mary Hood’s project on Popular Science    Here at ItWorks 3D we love that we can help be a part of so many worthy and fun projects! We get to see creativity and ingenuity come to life with 3D printers.

Notice how well the Lulzbot TAZ 5 printed the unsupported holes in the vertical legs

download (9)
download (10)

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