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IT-Works 3d Titan Aero PRO “X” Toolheads

Tomorrow we will be releasing the Titan Aero PRO “X” Toolheads for Lulzbot 3d Printers.

These will include a Nozzle X, a Polycarbonate Duct and a precision heater. The Volcano version will retain the 40w heater.

Will be available for the TAZ, The Mini, Mini 2/Workhorse/PRO.

We also have the ability to upfit these kits with the PT100 thermistor kits, copper block and nozzles, and a high temp heater cartridge if you needed to print with higher temps.  If you add these items with your toolhead and leave us a note, we can install the extra items and send the original ones along with it.

Order will start shipping 6/19/2019

If you have any questions let us know at [email protected]

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3D Printing Nerd Joel Telling utilizes IT-Works 3d PRO toolhead

We are glad that Joel Telling(3D Printing Nerd) is using his Titan Aero PRO toolhead for TAZ.  If you need to upgrade your TAZ or Mini 1/2 printers, these toolheads are a great addition to your printers, and will produce excellent results.  Contact us for more info, or visit our toolhead page to get yours today!!!

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LulzBot TAZ PRO 3d Printer PRE-ORDER!!

The newest addition to the award-winning LulzBot TAZ product line is here! The LulzBot TAZ Pro is an industrial grade desktop 3D printer capable of making large functional prototypes, print-on-demand parts, and more.

Learn more here:

PRE ORDER available now at IT-Works 3d!

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IT-Works 3d Refurbished LulzBot Mini V1.04 with LCD screen installed

IT-Works 3d Refurbished LulzBot Mini V1.04 with LCD screen installed

We have an IT-Works 3d refurbished Mini V1.04 with LCD screen installed.  This printer is ready to go and priced right!  It will come with all the tools you need to get printing right away.

Printer has been fully tested for functionality and had any necessary parts replaced.  PEI sheet is almost brand new as is the hotend minus test printing with them

Comes with a 90 day parts warranty.  Visit link below to purchase.  Only 1 available at this time so get it while it’s here!!  Its only 995.98!!!

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IT-Works 3d Refurbished Lulzbot TAZ 6 for sale

IT-Works 3d Refurbished Lulzbot TAZ 6 for sale

We have for immediate sale an IT-Works 3d Refurbished TAZ 6.

This TAZ 6 is in Excellent condition and has been fully tested and had anything replaced necessary to make this printer fully operational and like new.

Get this excellent printer while it’s here, we don’t get these in very often, and they generally go pretty quick!!

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TAZ 5 Refurbished 3d printer for sale

We have a Refurbished TAZ 5 3d printer up for sale.  Printer comes with a 90 day parts warranty, and all the accessories that would come with it from the factory.  No Manual is included but the tools are.   Visit this link to get the last one we have available at this time.  Get it quick, before it get’s snatched up like all of our others do.  Comes with a NEW Heated Bed.  FREE SHIPPING to the CONUS!

Don’t forget to pair this with a Titan Aero, Titan Aero PRO, Titan Aero Volcano, or Titan Aero Volcano PRO Toolhead

Titan Aero –
Titan Aero PRO –

Titan Aero Volcano –
Titan Aero Volcano PRO –