Taz 6 Control Box Hardware

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Taz 6 style control box. Please check Details for important information on styles and condition.



LulzBot TAZ 6 style electronics chassis.

** PLEASE NOTE **¬†These chassis are pulls from prototype and pre-production units. They vary from the pictures cosmetically, have scratches, scrapes, blemishes, additional or missing holes, and just generally don’t look new. ¬†All we promise is that they are free of any obvious bends and damage.
** Wiring NOT included, substantial rewiring required **

Questions about TAZ 6 upgrades? We’ve tried to gather as much information as possible in the LulzBot forum post TAZ 6 upgrade kits

Still want one? Ok, here’s more information on the options:

“Cover Panel” is the flat panel with screw holes and the SD card cutout
“Case 2 hole style” is the production style case with 1 round hole on the back for the second extruder plug, and the larger oval hole for harnesses
“Case 6 hole style” is a prototype version that LulzBot isn’t going to use. Since it has holes for the round TAZ 5 style round plugs, it might be a good choice for someone converting from a TAZ 5.
“Interconnect Housing Cover” is the 188mm x 78mm flat aluminum panel that covers the Interconnect Housing

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 10 × 6 in





Cover Panel, Case 6 hole style, Case 2 hole style, Interconnect Housing Cover


Carbon Fiber, Aluminum

1 review for Taz 6 Control Box Hardware

  1. Patrick (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with the control box I have received! A few scratches here and there but overall in tip top shape! The box I got was missing a hole for the RambO board reset button, but this was easily drilled after a bit of careful measuring.

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