Metric Brass Heat-Set Insert for Plastics


Metric Brass Heat-Set Insert for Plastics from McMaster-Carr
Only need a few? We sell singles!


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If you need a bunch, it’s much cheaper to buy a bag from McMaster, but they only sell them by the 25/50/100 piece bags. We sell singles!

Sizes needed for LulzBot printers:
94180A363  M5-.8 Internal Thread, 11.1mm Length
94180A361  M5-.8 Internal Thread, 6.7mm Length
94180A333  M3-.5 Internal Thread, 6.4mm Length
94180A331  M3-.5 Internal Thread, 3.8mm Length
94180A307  M2-.4 Internal Thread, 2.9mm Length

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions .3 × .3 × .2 in



94180A363 M5-.8 Internal Thread, 11.1mm Length, 94180A361 M5-.8 Internal Thread, 6.7mm Length, 94180A333 M3-.5 Internal Thread, 6.4mm Length, 94180A331 M3-.5 Internal Thread, 3.8mm Length, 94180A307 M2-.4 Internal Thread, 2.9mm Length


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