TAZ 4/5/6 Aluminum Z Uppers


Designed by IT-Works 3d, these Aluminum Z-Uppers will help keep your frame rigid.  Made to mimic the TAZ Workhorse and TAZ PRO, they will keep your frame much tighter then the original 3d printed z-upper.

This is a 2 piece kit that includes the 3d printed lower assembly and the Aluminum upper.  Will come with all necessary hardware to attach to your printer.

Available both for the TAZ 4/5, and the TAZ 6.  Sold in Pairs.


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These aluminum uppers well help strengthen your frame like the TAZ Workhorse and the TAZ PRO

Instead of the 3d printed only piece, this is an aluminum upper that attaches to a 3d printed lower assembly that will hold your bearing and your smooth rod.

If you move your printer around at all this will help keep things more rigid then with only 3d printed z-uppers.

Pair this with our frame reinforcement kit, and get your frame as rigid as the Workhorse and PRO printers.

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TAZ 4/5, TAZ 6


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