Connector Pins


The 6 sizes of crimped connector pins used in LulzBot 3D printers!



Add-ons total:



It’s a hassle to figure out the right molex connector pins you need for your LulzBot, so we’ve curated the few sizes needed to make it easier for you to choose the right one!

Connector Pin options:

For Taz and Mini toolhead and stepper connections:
Molex 0016020108 Male Contact Crimp Pin 24-30 AWG Tin , mates with, Molex 0016020097 Female Contact Crimp Socket 24-30 AWG Gold

Fits TAZ 4 and 5 control box connector housings:
TE Connectivity 1-66361-2 Male Pin Contact Tin Crimp 14-18 AWG Stamped LulzBot part # EL-MS0122, mates with, TE Connectivity 1-66360-6 Female Socket Contact Tin Crimp 14-18 AWG Stamped LulzBot part # EL-MS0121

TE Connectivity 1-66107-2 Male Pin Contact Tin Crimp 24-26 AWG Stamped, mates with, TE Connectivity 1-66109-7 Female Socket Contact Tin Crimp 24-26 AWG Stamped


Check here for the pin crimp tool

Additional information

Weight .01 lbs
Dimensions 1 × .1 × .1 in





TE Connectivity 1-66361-2 Digikey A31998-ND, TE Connectivity 1-66360-6 Digikey 1-66360-6-ND, Molex 0016020108 Digikey WM2565-ND, Molex 0016020097 Digikey WM2513-ND, TE Connectivity 1-66107-2 Digikey 1-66107-2-ND, TE Connectivity 1-66109-7 Digikey A31992-ND


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