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Weekend sale on Refurbished LulzBot 3D Printers

Save $100 on refurbished LulzBot TAZ 6 3D printers, now only $1899!
Save $50 on refurbished LulzBot TAZ 5 3D printers, only $1349!
Save $50 on refurbished LulzBot Mini 3D Printers, only $849!

Sale on refurbished LulzBot TAZ 6 TAZ 5 and Mini 3D Printers
Sale on refurbished LulzBot TAZ 6 TAZ 5 and Mini 3D Printers



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Lulzbot Mini printing Ninjaflex, flexible filament!

Lulzbot recently released the “Flexystruder V2” toolhead for their Mini 3D printer that enables printing of flexible filaments like Ninjaflex and Semiflex. We installed a Flexystruder V2 and have been getting great prints of ninjaflex and semiflex.

download (31)

download (30)

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Long Island’s Greenport High School 3D printing lab in the news!!

With the increase of technology in schools, there are an increasing amount of 3D printers! Some schools even have 3D printing labs!!
download (2)
Congratulations to Greenport High School technology teacher Michael Davies for creating their High School 3D printing  lab for his students!  IT-Works helped supply some of the LulzBot 3D printers.  It is great to see kids working with and creating cool things with 3D printers!


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Case study of Lulzbot 3D printers for Maker Spaces!


LulzBot recently featured the Loveland makerspace / hackerspace Loveland CreatorSpace and how 3D printers are used there on their site!

Loveland CreatorSpace: Come for the Tools, Stay for the People


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Wallet 3D printed in flexible Ninjaflex filament

download (6)

This wallet was 3D printed in flexible, tough Ninjaflex filament.

download (7)

Our tech, Keith, used his Lulzbot TAZ 3D printer with the optional Flexystruder V2 to easily print this flexible material.

download (8)

Doesn’t sapphire blue ninjaflex look cool?!!

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Work continues on the build of a pink Lulzbot Mini 3D printer. Nearly all the parts are printed, and the chassis has been refinished.
Because of Lulzbot’s open source approach, you own your printer, and you can build modify, experiment  and repair it yourself!
If you’d like to DIY, ItWorks 3D Print can help you with the Lulzbot Mini Parts you need.

Jodi here! I know it seems like an absurd amount of pink and you are correct!  It really is a little overboard, but I love it! I have four boys, five if you include Jamie, so a girls gotta mix in a little bit of pink here and there! It is however doubtful that the pink will deter any of them from using my printer. 😉

download (3)

Printing the last of the parts. The filament arm was printed on the TAZ 5 as it’s too big for the Mini to print. The rest of the parts can be printed on the Mini.

download (4)

Cerakote looks like it will work as a durable over-finish on the chassis. We’re using “prison pink” Thanks to Dustin of the hot new local filament manufacturerChroma Strand Labs for this finish. Look for Chroma Strand’s new Inova filament on our site ItWorks3D

download (5)

Even the bed plate is getting refinished. Now for much re-tapping and uncoating the areas that need to make electrical contact for the Mini’s auto-leveling system. The Ninjaflex bed corners will probably be done in white with the new Mini Flexistruder V2IMG_20160412_152516 IMG_20160412_152542