Upgrade earlier Titan Aero toolhead


Upgrade options for earlier IT-Works 3D Titan Aero Toolheads.


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Thank you to all those that have supported us by purchasing our earlier Titan Aero toolheads, we haven’t forgotten about you!

The upgraded V2 design features a much improved surround fialment cooling duct for much better cooling performance, which inproved overhangs, bridging, and print quality for filaments like PLA and PETG that need lots of cooling air.
So you don’t miss out on the new V2 design, we offer a few upgrade options:

“Send toolhead to IT-Works to upgrade” Includes your option of switching to a 33mm stepper or keeping the original height stepper. If your toolhead shipped with shielded bearings, we’ll also upgrade to sealed bearings that increase longevity. We’ll also check a few maintenance items, and test it to ensure top performance. You pay to ship it in, return shipping price is calculated at checkout. 

Package your toolhead and your receipt and mail to:

Attn: toolhead upgrade
200 W 1st St
Julesburg, CO. 80737

“Parts Kit” includes the printer mount and duct with necessary heat inserts. Available with and without 33mm stepper.

“File Download” gets you the files licensed Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
If you don’t have heat inserts, you’ll also need:
(4) 94180A331 M3-.5 Internal Thread, 3.8mm Length
(2) 94180A307 M2-.4 Internal Thread, 2.9mm Length

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

Parts kit no stepper, Parts kit with stepper, Send toolhead for IT-Works to upgrade, Download Files


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