Lulzbot TAZ PRO Dual 1.75mm Toolhead Conversion


Do all your other 3d printers print with 1.75mm filament?

Would you like your TAZ PRO Dual Toolhead converted to run 1.75mm filament?

We have created the parts and pieces necessary to convert your toolhead to 1.75mm filament.  All you need to do is send in your Toolhead to us or purchase a new one and have us upgrade it.  Choose from the dropdown menu which you would like.


Add-ons total:



Parts that will be changed out include:

  • Extruder Mount
  • Heat Sinks
  • Heat Tube
  • Heater Block
  • Nozzle
  • Fan Duct

You can either send your current toolhead into us and we will convert it, or you can choose the option to purchase a second toolhead and have us convert that one so you can have one of each.

You will receive all of your old parts back with the toolhead in case you would like to return it to original.

Send your current toolhead into us at

IT-Works 3d
200 W 1st ST
Julesburg, CO  80737

You will also need to change the screws on your filament runout sensor to accept smaller diameter of filament and then change your filament runout to 20mm instead of the factory 14mm


Additional information

Which Toolhead

Send in old, New


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