Archim 2 Controller Board


This is Archim2. The Archim2 board is an all in one 3D printer motherboard. It is an original RAMBo style design with the 32bit Atmel SAM3X8E  processor (same as Arduino Due) and TMC2130 stepper drivers all on one integrated PCB. Archim is named after the mathematician Archimedes. The RAMBo stands for (R)epRap (A)rduino-compatible (M)other (Bo)ard.

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This can be used for many 3d printer applications but we specify it for Lulzbot Printers such as the TAZ PRO, and other Lulzbot conversions.

This boars is not a plug and play with a TAZ 6 or Workhorse.  Changes will need to be made as well as different firmware.




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