IT-Works 3d Titan Aero PRO “X” Toolheads

Tomorrow we will be releasing the Titan Aero PRO “X” Toolheads for Lulzbot 3d Printers.

These will include a Nozzle X, a Polycarbonate Duct and a precision heater. The Volcano version will retain the 40w heater.

Will be available for the TAZ, The Mini, Mini 2/Workhorse/PRO.

We also have the ability to upfit these kits with the PT100 thermistor kits, copper block and nozzles, and a high temp heater cartridge if you needed to print with higher temps.  If you add these items with your toolhead and leave us a note, we can install the extra items and send the original ones along with it.

Order will start shipping 6/19/2019

If you have any questions let us know at [email protected]

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