Build your own LulzBot toolhead

Here’s a convenient list of the parts you’ll need to build your own LulzBot toolhead

*** We’ve done our best to prepare this, but there may be errors. If you see issues, please let us know!

(1) Hotend kit: .5mm is the stock nozzle size for TAZ Single Extruder V2, Mini single extruder V2/V2.1, and Taz Dual extruder V2. .6mm is the stock size for LulzBot TAZ Flexysruder V2 and Taz Flexydually V2

(1) connector housing: 2×8 pin for TAZ, 2x10pin for Mini

(15) connector pins: Molex 0016020108 male (you’ll need 12-15 depending on the toolhead, but get extras). The correct tool to crimp them is a PAD-12 crimper, though other wire crimpers may work.

(1) Hexagon sense lead if you’re building a toolhead for a TAZ 6 or Mini

Metric heat inserts What you need varies by toolhead variation, but here’s a good shopping list. Again, get a few extras in case one rolls under that giant granite slab.
Mini: (3) M2 x 2.9, (3) M5 x 6.7, (4) M3 x 3.8
TAZ 5: (1) M2 x 2.9, (4) M3 x 3.8
TAZ 6: (2) M2 x 2.9, (9) M3 x 3.8

(1) Nema 17 stepper motor

(3) Bearings we sell 10 packs.

(2) Springs

(2)  Thumb Screws  M4 x 55

40mm Low Flow Fans:
TAZ 5- (1) 24v and (1) 5V (if upgrading to the 40mm heatsink fan– highly recommended!)
Mini- (1) 24V and (1) 5v (if upgrading to the later Gladiola 40mm heatsink fan, or doing the 40mm mini fan upgrade– highly recommended!)
TAZ 6- (1) 5v (2) 24V

(1) Micro Blower fan If you want to stick with original TAZ 5 and mini cooling. We suggest switching to the less expensive 40mm fans above.