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Time with the Lulzbot Mini 2 3d printer

What an excellent 3d printer. The speeds are able to be increased.  No noticeable z banding due to the belts on the z axis. Super quiet, can sit next to you at your desk and not be a bother.

Our Titan Aero toolhead for the Mini 2 has been performing almost flawlessly.  I did have a problem with a cheaper PLA filament, but can’t blame the toolhead for that.  So far I’ve printed things for comic-con, custom molds, multi-color prints with the Palette+, etc.  Great printer.  The LCD screen is a very nice addition.  You don’t have to be tethered to your computer to use the printer anymore.  The Modular Bed works very well, haven’t had any adhesion issues.

If you are considering adding the Mini 2 to your collection, don’t hesitate.  You will not be sorry you did.

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