Project R3D Talos 600 IDEX Large Format 3D Printer


The Talos 600 is a Large Format IDEX 3D Printer with a 600x600x600mm build volume.  Comes standard with a 1.75mm Slide Engineering Magnum+ hotend/Bondtech LGX ACE Extruder with a .8 nozzle.



Will begin shipping Oct 30th

Can be purchased with Hemera/Revo setup as well.  Please email us for custom pricing if you want the Revo System on your Talos.


Add-ons total:



At the core of the Talos 3D printer lies a frame meticulously crafted from 20 series 4040 extrusion, a choice that signifies a leap forward in structural ingenuity. This deliberate selection offers a plethora of advantages over the conventional 40 series, making it a game-changer in frame design.

Distinguished by its additional mounting points and a pivotal feature—blind joints secured by four bolts instead of one—the 20 series stands as a testament to our dedication to innovation and resilience. These features converge to facilitate the assembly of a frame that excels in both robustness and rigidity, forming the cornerstone upon which the entire system is built. 

Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX)

The IDEX system empowers you to transcend limitations, seamlessly weaving together the unique properties of two distinct materials in a single print. Forge ahead with creativity as you allocate one nozzle for intricate detail, while the other tackles voluminous infill or larger elements with finesse. Imagine the potential of a dedicated support material, effortlessly dissolved or removed after printing, leaving behind a pristine masterpiece.

IDEX isn’t just innovation; it’s empowerment. A manifestation of our commitment to pushing the boundaries, it’s a testament to the versatile prowess of the Talos. Embrace the freedom to optimize your creations, harmonizing materials, detail, speed, and precision like never before. Welcome to the future of limitless 3D printing, where the Talos is your key to a universe of infinite possibilities.

In the dynamic realm of innovation, time is of the essence, and the Talos 3D printer emerges as your ultimate advantage against competition. Prepare to surge ahead with unparalleled velocity, transforming your creative concepts into tangible reality at an astonishing pace.

The Talos isn’t just a 3D printer; it’s a catalyst for acceleration. Seamlessly transition from prototyping to full-scale production, emboldened by the Talos’ extraordinary speed that harmonizes flawlessly with uncompromising quality. Break free from conventional limitations and embrace a future where swift and impeccable part production become synonymous, paving the way for your triumph in the global landscape.

In a world where innovation waits for none, seize the initiative with the Talos and experience a paradigm shift in speed and precision. The edge you’ve been seeking is here, and it’s called the Talos – your definitive tool for reshaping the trajectory of success.

  • Rapid Travels of 1000mm/sec, over 2x competition

  • Print speeds of 300+mm/sec, you only limited by your volumetric throughput.

  • MGN15 linear rail on Y and Z axis standard, no need to pay for an upgrade

  • MGN12 linear rial on X and U

  • XU are driven by 6mm gates belt and NEMA 17s, YZ are driven by NEMA 23s with Y belt being 12mm

  • Delivery Options

    1. Self-assembled- Every Talos comes in 7 sub-assemblies allowing or rapid assembly. Each unit is assembled in house, tested, calibrated and then disassembled. Once you assemble the frame and plug in the wires you are ready to print. Estimated assembly time: 1-2 hours (Assembly Jigs are provided).

    2. Assembled Delivery- Your unit will be assembled in-house then crated and shipped to your location. Please ensure the unit can pass through any doorways to its final location (at least a 40in egress point).

What is in the Crate

  • Front Y Assembly

  • Rear Y Assembly

  • Left X Assembly

  • Right X Assembly

  • Bed Assembly

  • XU Gantry Assembly

  • Electronics Box with mounting hardware

  • 7in Touch Screen

  • (2) Top X Extrusion

  • Spare Hardware

  • Assembly Jigs

  • Tool for assembly (T-Handles- 3mm, 2.5mm)

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