Daedalus v1.5 COREXY Closed Loop 3D Printer by Project R3D


The Daedalus Rev 1.5 3D printer has been designed from the ground up to be a tool, something you can reliably call on to get the job done. This design was born from needing a replacement for the RailCore Fully Assembled units, which are great as a development platform but requires tinkering to get the job just right. The Daedalus is ready to run out of the box, no tinkering, no upgrades needed.  Load your filament, select your file and complete your tasks.  Motion System now comes with a closed loop system to ensure accurate and problem free printing.

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*There is a 4 week lead time for build and testing before shipping around the Holiday*


Add-ons total:



Built to Last


When we sat down to design the Daedalus we knew the frame had to be robust, we knew 2040 extrusion was the way to go. Where most printers on the market use 2020 extrusion, 2040 gives us an additional 20mm of mating surface while also having each end to extrusion secured by two bolts rather than one.


When it comes to electronics we are using the Duet3 series of control boards, the moment these boards were announced they set the standard for the next several years. The Daedalus comes standard with an EZ ABL Probe with full shielding to perform consistent and accurate probe points with repeatability of 0.001mm while having no moving parts to limit failure points. The Daedalus also comes with an SBC on board, this offloads all if the compute workload to SBC while the Duet3 handles the functions of the unit. Rather than having one board that is built for motion control also handing compute loads, we have two boards designed for each specific task. The SBC also allows for both Ethernet and WiFi connectivity. 5 inch Touch Screen comes standard on all units.


The heart of the Daedalus motion system is the Genuine Gates Belt. Your unit has the option for Closed-Loop XY motion ensuring the highest success rate and uptime, Linear Rails, and Lead Screws with Anti-Backlash. Much like the Project R3D RailCore® 300ZL 3D Printer Kits, the Z-axis is driven by three independently drive lead screws allowing for true bed tramming (leveling) across the entire print surface down to <0.01mm. We do still use compensation to adjust for the remaining <0.01mm deviations.

Print Bed

  • Magbed with spring steel flex sheet, made from 0.25in Mic 6 Cast Tool Plate with embedded magnets, PEI Sheet

Extruder and Hotend

The best motion system is nothing without a reliable extrusion and hotend setup.

  • Slice Engineering Mosquito Magnum Hotend with .4 vanadium nozzle.

Printing Reliably at Speed

When you need a print job done well you tend to sacrifice speed to ensure quality, not anymore! The Daedalus is capable of draft speeds of 150mm/sec at 0.3mm layer heights and high-quality speeds of 120mm/sec at 0.02mm layer heights. With the rock-solid frame and top of the line motion system, you can maintain injection molding quality prints at double to triple the speeds of competitors low-quality prints.

System Technical Specifications

Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build Volume (XYZ):

Layer Resolution (0.4mm nozzle): 10-300 microns

Print Speeds

High Quality (0.02mm layers): 100-120mm/sec

Draft Quality (0.2mm layers):130-150mm/sec

Print Surface

PEI Heated Bed (20-120°C)

Nozzle Diameter

0.4mm Hardened Steel


WiFi, Ethernet (LAN), USB Port (4), HDMI

Physical Dimensions

Dimensions (XYZ): 495mm x 521mm x 600mm




Prusa Slicer, Simplify 3D Slicer, and Cura are compatible. Profiles for Prusa Slicer and Simplify are provided.

Supported OS: MacOS, Window, and Linux

Full Enclosure with swing door included!!!

Warranty Period: 12 months (extensions are available, email for more info)

What’s In The Box

User Manual available here

Daedalus 3D Printer

Spool Holder with Bowden Tube

5 inch Touch Screen

Power Cable

HDMI Cable

USB Drive

1kg Spool of PLA

Tools: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm T Handle Hex Wrenches

The bed was designed by RailCore Labs, LLC and used by Project R3D under the Creative Commons: Attribution license

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 21 × 24 in


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