File Download: power supply endcap for Taz 3-5


print your own LulzBot TAZ power supply endcap


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This power supply endcap is an update of the original LulzBot TAZ 3 power supply endcap resized to fit the higher wattage Mean Well SE-450-24 24V 450 watt power supply.

This can be used as part of a kit to upgrade from a plastic cased TAZ 4 and 5 power supply as well

Orient the model to print with the end with the switch and plug holes the bed. We’ve found it to print well in ABS with default 1mm shell and 20% infill.  A brim helps with curling of the corners.

Based on Lulzbot TAZ 3 power supply endcap

You Can also download it from Thingiverse LulzBot TAZ power supply endcap


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