IT-Works 3D MMPro Toolhead for Lulzbot 1.75mm Only


Introducing the new IT-Works 3d Magnum Mosquito Pro Toolhead for Lulzbot printers!!

The all new toolhead utilized a USA made Slice Engineering Magnum Mosquito Hotend paired with a Bondtech BMG-M Extruder.  The M175 only comes with the standard Mosquito.

This hotend helps to eliminate heat creep and keeps temps stable with a ceramic heat break wrap design.  This Magnum Toolhead allows for Multiple nozzles from .25 all the way up to .8 (that we’ve tested)to be utilized in one toolhead eliminating the need for multiple toolheads.  Quick nozzle changes are now a simple thing, as you only need only need one hand to change this nozzle.  Change your nozzle in seconds!!!

LEAD TIME FOR THIS TOOLHEAD IS 5-7 Business Days as we are still slowly sourcing parts necessary.  Site will say Backorder until we have a larger stock in parts.  Place your order to get in the Queue.


Add-ons total:



Toolhead kit includes the following:

  • 1.75mm Toolhead with Polycarbonate Fan Duct
  • Choose between a single nozzle .5mm, or both .5mm and .8mm!!
  • Integrated LED for easy viewing
  • Round Polycarbonate Duct style with wide open nozzle view
  • Start with Esteps at 415 and set your retraction to .4-.9@25mm/s and tune from there.
  • Can utilize the M175v2, SE or HS profiles and firmware as the nozzle is in the same location, and utilizes the same thermistor tables.  Will need to tune profile for head and filament.
  • Capable of 290C temps.

This toolhead is built based on the newer style toolhead designs, be sure if you want to utilize this toolhead on older machines that you get the proper Universal Adapter for either TAZ or Mini.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Single Nozzle .5mm, 2 Nozzles .5mm/.8mm


Mosquito, Mosquito Magnum


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