IT-Works 3D Hemera XS Revo 1.75mm Toolhead for LulzBot


Are you looking for a toolhead that can add versatility to your printing?  With a weight of only 350g(12.3 oz)  and a RapidChange nozzle system, this toolhead will help bring your prints to another level.

With the E3D RapidChange Revo system you can cold swap nozzles in no time at all making this toolhead so very versatile.


Add-ons total:



This Hemera XS Revo toolhead for LulzBot is directly compatible with the LulzBot TAZ Workhorse, TAZ PRO, Mini 2, Sidekick 289 and 747.  With the Universal Adapter for Taz or Mini, this will work on older legacy machines, TAZ 5/6 Mini v1.

Comes ready to bolt on, setup with the following features.

  • Hemera XS Revo
  • .4mm nozzle or full kit (.25mm, .4mm, .6mm, .8mm) your choice of which kit
  • ABS 360 Degree Fan Duct
  • LED light for easy layer viewing
  • This is one of the cheapest toolhead we have offered for this versatility.  Cheap doesn’t mean low or poor quality whatsoever in this case.

The light weight of the Hemera Revo XS will help reduce ringing and ghosting on machines with heavy toolheads, and still keeps the short filament path of the hemera with its lightweight capabilities.

This toolhead will utilize the H175 firmware and profiles.  If the firmware isn’t available in Cura, you can use the SE Profile and adjust your esteps, and turn the start retraction down in your Start G-code.

Get your Spare Nozzles here
E3D Revo Spare Nozzles – IT-Works 3D (
E3D ObXidian REVO Nozzles – IT-Works 3D (

Shorter and lighter.
 Revo Hemera XS is 92g lighter and 11mm shorter than classic Hemera. A custom stepper motor means it can move faster on your 3D printer’s motion system with less inertia than classic Hemera, reducing print artefacts such as ghosting. Its compact size also means it occupies less space inside your 3D printer’s build volume – useful for smaller 3D printers.

Capable with wide range of 3D printing filaments. Enjoy excellent performance with all 3D printing materials, particularly challenging materials like flexibles and abrasives. Enhanced extrusion and retraction control means you can 3D print soft flexibles with a shore hardness as low as 75A!

Backwards compatible. The heatsink geometry for Revo Hemera XS accepts Revo Nozzles as well as V6 nozzles with a Hemera HeatBreak (sold separately).

All the force you need. Revo Hemera XS has all the extrusion force you need to drive the entire E3D ecosystem, including high flow HotEnds like SuperVolcano and high flow Revo Nozzles (coming soon!)

Less likely to strip filament. In the event of a jam, the filament drive mechanism for Revo Hemera XS will stall instead of stripping filament, making it easier to recover and get 3D printing again.

Easy nozzle swaps with Revo. A variety of Revo Nozzles enhance the capabilities of your 3D printer without a difficult nozzle changing processes. Every Revo Nozzle can be changed by hand. No tools, no hot tightening.

Better safety. Power reduces to the Revo HeaterCore as it gets hotter, thanks to built-in PTC behaviour. This gives you greater protection against hazards caused by thermal runaways.


Additional information

Weight 1.75 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 5 in

Single .4mm, Full Kit(.25, .4, .6, .8)


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