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Custom Pink LulzBot Mini 3D Printer

pink 3d printer lulzbot mini

Jodi wanted a pink LulzBot Mini 3D printer for (last ūüėČ ) Christmas.

Jamie and Jodi finally finished it!

We collected the necessary¬†LulzBot Mini parts¬†and our friends at Chroma Strand, maker of premium Inova-1800 filament over-coated the bed plate and chassis in “Prison Pink”¬†Cerakote for a tough, smooth finish.

Mini parts coated pink, and 3d printed parts
As the LulzBot logos are laser etched through the factory finish, they still appear through the cerakote.


As the LulzBot logos are laser etched through the factory finish, they still appear through the cerakote.



Printing LulzBot Mini parts with a LulzBot Mini. Reprap FTW! The printed parts were printed from LulzBot’s open source Mini files. We used a mixture of Mini V1.03 “Foxglove” and updated V1.04 “Gladiola” pieces (Z lowers, X connector cover, Beefy Idler/latch). ¬†If you have a Mini, be sure to use the production tuned .gcode files for production quality, strength, and blazing fast print speed. ¬†We even have the heat inserts you need.


Jodi worked on building her own LulzBot Mini 3D printer. Mounting the cable relief to the left side panel


The X/Z carriage assembled using a mix of foxglove and gladiola pieces.

Y carriage and spool arm mounted to the chassis
Final assembly began in earnest over the last few months. XZ assembly, RAMBO and Y harnesses mounted to the chassis Many heat inserts were inserted with the heat insert soldering iron. We salvaged and built the wiring harness (the most difficult item to replicate) in bits and pieces over time until it was complete.
Electronics mocked up in the control box. It’s running!
Electronics after tidying and finish mounting of ferrites
The result is a beautiful, great printing Mini for (very patient) Jodi. Bonus points for those that can spot the final change shown in these last two pictures.





Jodi’s message for you all. Thanks for checking out our build. We hope you’ve enjoyed it!


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Octopus Phone Stand

I’ve been looking around for the right stand that I can keep at the office on my desk! ¬†We are rather fond of octopus here at ItWorks so it seemed appropriate to have a octopus phone stand to go along with our other octofriends! ¬† And of course it must be in pink! ¬†Found the designs on Thingiverse¬†. ¬† They say you can use adhesive to hold it down and keep it from moving about, so I’m thinking one of those command adhesive strips would do the trick! ¬†Made with pink PLA filament!

Pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself!!




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Work continues on the build of a pink Lulzbot Mini 3D printer. Nearly all the parts are printed, and the chassis has been refinished.
Because of Lulzbot’s open source approach, you own your printer, and you can build modify,¬†experiment ¬†and repair it yourself!
If you’d like to DIY, ItWorks 3D Print¬†can help you with the Lulzbot Mini Parts you need.

Jodi here!¬†I know it seems like an absurd amount of pink and you are correct! ¬†It really is a little overboard, but I love it! I have four boys, five if you include Jamie, so a girls gotta mix in a little bit of pink here and there! It is however doubtful that the pink will deter any of them from using my printer. ūüėČ

download (3)

Printing the last of the parts. The filament arm was¬†printed on the TAZ 5 as it’s too big for the Mini to print. The rest of the parts can be printed on the Mini.

download (4)

Cerakote looks like it will work as a durable over-finish on the chassis. We’re using “prison pink” Thanks to Dustin of the hot new local filament manufacturerChroma Strand Labs¬†for this finish. Look for Chroma Strand’s new Inova filament¬†on our site ItWorks3D

download (5)

Even the bed plate is getting refinished. Now for much re-tapping and uncoating the areas that need to make electrical contact for the Mini’s auto-leveling system. The Ninjaflex bed corners will probably be done in white with the new¬†Mini Flexistruder V2IMG_20160412_152516 IMG_20160412_152542