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Long Island’s Greenport High School 3D printing lab in the news!!

With the increase of technology in schools, there are an increasing amount of 3D printers! Some schools even have 3D printing labs!!
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Congratulations to Greenport High School technology teacher Michael Davies for creating their High School 3D printing  lab for his students!  IT-Works helped supply some of the LulzBot 3D printers.  It is great to see kids working with and creating cool things with 3D printers!


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Bored frog.. or maybe he is just contemplating life!

Look at this cute little guy!! The files from Thingiverse say this frog is bored, or is he perhaps just contemplating his filament or which 3D printer he came from?!  Okay, I’m probably over thinking it.  It is made out of Inova 1800 filament.

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