IT-Works 3d E3D Hemera Toolhead for Lulzbot Printers- 1.75mm


Are you looking to upgrade your Lulzbot 3d printer to a E3D Hemera Extruder?  Are you looking to be able to print solid filaments as well as flexible filaments at higher speeds?  Then look no further.  

IT-Works 3d has put together a complete toolhead that is plug and play with almost any Lulzbot 3d printer.  Some printer may require an adapter plate to be purchased with the toolhead.  See info below for details on adapters.

Please be sure to pick the color you would like of the toolhead.  If you do not pick a color, we will ship the standard black toolhead.





Add-ons total:




These toolheads will bolt direct onto the Lulzbot Mini 2, The Taz Workhorse, and the TAZ PRO 3d printers.  

If you are planning to use this on a TAZ 6 and below, or a Mini v1, you will need an adapter plate

Adapter plate for the TAZ 6 and below can be purchased here –

Adapter plate for the Mini v1 can be purchased here –



The IT-Works 3d Hemera Toolhead will work with any of the the older Lulzbot printers from the TAZ 5 up to the TAZ PRO.

Firmware will depend on the toolhead.  The standard Hemera will utilize the Aerostruder V2 Firmware, and the Hemera Volcano will utilize the HS+ Firmware.  

ESTEPS can be started at 395 and fine tuned from there.



  • 360 degree, open face cooling duct like utilized in the Titan Aero PRO Toolheads
  • Built in LED for easier print viewing
  • Constrained filament path making it easier and quicker to print with flexible materials
  • The heater block, nozzle, heaters and thermistors are compatible with all V6 or Volcano parts, meaning you can purchase the same parts for each toolhead that E3D offers
  • Lightweight stepper design and cooling components make for a small footprint which reduces weight and improves accuracy
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easily upgradable


Hemera – .4mm Brass nozzle
Hemera Pro – .5mm Hardened Steel nozzle, Titanium Heat Break
Hemera PRO “X” – .5mm Hardened Steel “Nozzle X” nozzle, Titanium Heat Break

Hemera Volcano – 1.2mm Brass nozzle
Hemera Volcano PRO – 1.2mm Hardened Steel nozzle, Titanium Heat Break
Hemera Volcano PRO “X” – 1.2mm Hardened Steel “Nozzle X” nozzle, Titanium Heat Break

If you would like another nozzle size installed other then the one that comes with it, please put a note during checkout and we can accommodate during the build process.



We utilized and modified the mount created by Joe Spanier (Maker’s on Tap).  We wanted to change a few things on the mount to make it a bit more fitting to the backing plates, and add a few chamfers and fillets where we wanted them to be.  We also used this base mount design to create the Volcano Version which wasn’t made available anywhere yet for the Lulzbot printers.  The positioning had to be changed 8.5mm to accomodate for the length of the Volcano block.  

We designed the Fan Duct here in house, and will actually work with other printer applications as well on the Hemera.



2/10/2021 Lead time is 2-3 day for build time due to a large backlog since the re-release of the Hemera.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

V6, Volcano


Hemera, Hemera Pro, Hemera Pro "X"


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