Lulzbot TAZ Workhorse Release

The New Lulzbot TAZ Workhorse Released!

Get your TAZ Workhorse here at IT-Works 3d!

Lulzbot TAZ Workhorse Edition 3d Printer

The LulzBot TAZ Workhorse Edition is the industry’s most reliable and easiest-to-use desktop 3D printer. The next generation of the award-winning LulzBot TAZ line includes a strengthened design, improved motion system, premium hot end, swappable hotends for whatever kind of printing needs you have, and new automatic calibration features.

We also have IT-Works 3d Titan Aero Toolheads that are ready for the Workhorse printer to fit your 2.85mm or 1.75mm needs.  Whether you need a regular Titan Aero, or a Volcano, we have them available in a standard configuration or we have them all the way up to a PRO”X” complete with upgrades.

  • 14% larger build volume.
  • Supports 10+ materials.
  • Strengthened design.
  • Improved print quality and printed part accuracy.

    Key Technical Specifications

    • Tool Head: HE Tool Head | Hardened Steel | 0.5 mm
    • Layer Resolution: 0.05 mm – 0.4 mm (0.002 in – 0.02 in)
    • Max Hot End Temperature: 290°C
    • Print Surface: Modular Borosilicate Glass/PEI
    • Max Print Surface Temperature: 120°C
    • Leveling: Automatic Z-Axis Compensation
    • Calibration: Automatic X/Y/Z Offset Calibration
    • Certifications: UL (Pending), FCC, CE, WEEE, OSHWA
    LulzBot TAZ Pro Print VolumePrint Volume Dimensions
    280 mm x 280 mm x 285 mm
    (11.02″ x 11.02″ x 11.22″)
    Print Volume
    22,344 cm³ (1,362.56 in³)

    IF you have any questions always feel free to email us at

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