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3D Printed Vase in 4 colors

IT-Works 3D printed this Twisted 6 sided vase with our E3D Titan Aero 1.75mm toolhead for LulzBot Taz in 4 colors of PLA spliced with the Mosaic Manufacturing Palette+ @PalettePrinted

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Camping, 3D Print style!!!

I’m often trying to find practical uses for 3D printing, but it wasn’t until I started planning our summer camping trip that I found how useful having a 3D printer could be!

Starting with my favorite print: This is an extension for a kayak paddle.  It is a handle for the paddle, giving something larger to hang on to while out on the water!  Just slip the kayak paddle in and bolt the two parts together around it!

Kayak handle for a kayak paddle!
Kayak handle for a kayak paddle! Just slip the kayak paddle in and bolt the two parts together around it!










Next up is a chair foot replacement!  You know those folding camping chairs and how sometimes the stupid feet break on them.  I used to just cope with sitting in an unbalanced chair and make jokes about being unbalanced! Now you can just print a replacement foot.  Remove the old hardware from the broken foot, replace with this handy 3D printed foot, and you’re good to go!  They make them for the front feet as well as the back!

Folding camping chair replacement foot! Just remove the old hardware from your broken chair foot and replace with the new 3D printed one!










This next one is a cool little rope tightener. I apologize for everything being in black, I didn’t really feel like swapping out filament for each print. 😉 ‘nGen” filament is made by ColorFabb!

Camping Rope Tightener
Camping Rope Tightener
Camping Rope Tightener
Camping Rope Tightener








Last up is a tent pole cap! Sometimes the peak of the tent needs a little reinforcement or support! This cool little print while made of black nGen could be made of a more flexible filament like NinjaFlex , SemiFlex, or even PCTPE.  NinjaFlex is a flexible filament and a favorite of mine.  The SemiFlex is also flexible like the NinjaFlex, but has some extra firmness. The PCTPE is a flexible and dyeable nylon so you could customize that to your liking.  For what it is worth, nGen comes in a variety of colors as do most of our filaments.  I’ll spare everyone my need to print in pink ABS.. this time! 🙂

Tent Pole Cap
Tent Pole Cap
Tent Pole Cap








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Take your best guess!

This is a customizable prism map of the contiguous United States. Values are represented by the extruded height of each state. (An extruded polygon is a prism.)

You can put your own data points into a customizer to create your own prism map!! We did just that!!  Remembering that we are in Colorado, what do you think this map could represent?!


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3D printed camper water gauge housing

Just in time for summer fun, IT-Works’ Ben Brown wanted a weather tight enclosure for his camper’s water level gauge, so designed, 3D printed, and installed one.

Here’s his project:

A case to hold indicator gauge.

gauge housing 3d print 2gauge housing 3d print









Tabs to pull out indicator for battery changes

gauge housing 3d print 4









Polycarbonate plastic window with UV filter

gauge housing 3d print 3










Indicator inside cover and case

gauge housing 3d print 5















Plastic cover allows button to be pushed in a water tight container.

gauge housing 3d print 6
















A gasket to keep water out.

gauge housing 3d print 7













Drill 22 mm hole in camper ( allow slack on cord so indicator can be pulled out to change battery)

gauge housing 3d print 8













After 4 screws have attached case to camper (add some silicone behind seal) push in the indicator connected to probe wires.

gauge housing 3d print 9














Push on the cover and then tighten set screws with Phillips screwdriver to lock on cover.

gauge housing 3d print 10

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TAZ 4/5 control box with wiring and connectors

TAZ 4/5 control box with wiring and connectors

from 150.00

Upgrading to or building a TAZ 5? Sourcing and crimping all those wires and connectors in the control box is quite a project!

Includes all the internal and external connectors pictured to make a complete control box.

We carry new and tested refurbished RAMBO control boards as well

No other external wiring or connectors are included

Included is all the wires and connectors pictured.

download (24)