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IT-Works will replace your LulzBot PEI bed surface!

The PEI plastic bed surface sheet on LulzBot TAZ 5, TAZ 6, and Mini 3D printers is durable, low maintenance, and has great adhesion.
When it’s time to replace your PEI sheet, getting the adhesive removed is quite a bit of work, and installing the PEI sheet without big bubbles takes some practice.
IT-Works has been replacing PEI for our local clients, and we’re now ready to extend this service to everyone.

What’s your time worth? Have IT-Works replace your LulzBot 3D printer PEI so you can save time and bubbles!

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Carbon Fiber Parts for LulzBot Taz!

Carbon Fiber parts for your LulzBot Taz 3D printer!

Upgrade the style and performance of your Lulzbot TAZ 3D printer with these new carbon fiber parts
With the same dimensions as the original parts, these carbon fiber parts are stronger, stiffer, and look cool!

LulzBot Taz carbon fiber parts.
LulzBot Taz 6 interconnect cover carbon fiber
LulzBot Taz 6 electronics enclosure cover carbon fiber





LulzBot Taz lcd enclosure cover carbon fiber
LulzBot Taz electronics enclosure cover carbon fiber
LulzBot Taz corner bracket carbon fiber
LulzBot Taz y end plate idler carbon fiber
LulzBot Taz y end plate motor carbon fiber
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Check out these great 3D prints!

High resolution 3D printed mug

Keith has been working on high resolution prints lately, and has been getting great results with his LulzBot TAZ 5 and TAZ 6. The mug and tube were printed in natural ABS to minimize the effect of filament dye on print quality with .13 and .15mm layer heights.  The pictures don’t really do justice to how smooth the surfaces are. The only finishing was to remove some support material on the mug, these are as printed, not sanded or otherwise finished.  Simplify3d was used for slicing and support generation.

mug 3d print high resolution taz abs (1) mug 3d print high resolution taz abs (2) mug 3d print high resolution taz abs (3) tube 3d print taz high resolution abs (2) tube 3d print taz high resolution abs (3)

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Tool to set idler tension on Lulzbot 3D printers

For consistent filament extrusion with a LulzBot 3D printer, be sure to check that the idler springs have proper tension. Lulzbot TAZ, Mini, and any other printers that use a Wade’s extruder require an 5mm (or slightly less) spacing between the outer faces of the washers that contain the idler tension springs. The spacing between the idler and shoulder of the idler tension screw is 8mm or less, which is what this idler tension jig sets.
You can 3D print your own handy tool to quickly set the correct tension on the extruder filament idler springs!   

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TAZ 4/5 control box with wiring and connectors

TAZ 4/5 control box with wiring and connectors

from 150.00

Upgrading to or building a TAZ 5? Sourcing and crimping all those wires and connectors in the control box is quite a project!

Includes all the internal and external connectors pictured to make a complete control box.

We carry new and tested refurbished RAMBO control boards as well

No other external wiring or connectors are included

Included is all the wires and connectors pictured.

download (24)

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Our awesome tech, Kieth, made this interesting polycarbonate flexystruder V2 for the Lulzbot TAZ. PETG filament was used for the fan mount!
download (5)

download (4)

download (3)