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New high performance US made 3D printing filaments with free shipping!

New Inova-2008 PETg 3mm 3D printing filament is made in the USA by Chroma Strand Labs and only $40/kg with free shipping!

PETg is one of the hottest new 3d printing filaments, featuring:

  • Shiny!
  • Easy printability
  • Low Emissions
  • High Strength
  • Very High Dimensional Accuracy
  • Very Low Warping and Splitting

This means it’s a great fit for anyone that wants strong, good looking prints that “just work”.

Inova-2008 joins Chroma Strand Labs Inova-1800 Amphora Co-Polyester as a premium quality filament. Chroma Strand blends and extrudes it themselves to give you:

  • Low dye % across all colors
  • Stringent tolerances for consistency of diameter and concentricity
  • Premium filament bases

Why do these matter? Dye doesn’t print the same as the filament base. Chroma Strand Labs goes to the extra expense to keep dye composition low so their filament prints the same color to color and batch to batch.

Check out these great new translucent colors of Inova-1800 now only $70/kg, also with free shipping!

Translucent Yellow a.k.a. Lemonade!
Translucent Red, a.k.a. Watermelon
Translucent Orange
Translucent Green
Translucent Blue


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Sculpture 3D printed in Inova Filament


Check out the impressive surface finish on this print of the soon to be released, locally manufactured Chroma Strand Labs Inova filament.  Inova is a co-polyester filament based on Eastman Amphora 1800 base (3300 coming soon..) that has excellent strength, resilience, inter-layer adhesion, surface finish, and bed adhesion.  Try one of these high performance filaments like Inova, n-vent, and Colorfabb XT to see the easy, impressively durable prints your Lulzbot is capable of.

download (23)


super smooth surface finish!

download (22)



The print is proceeding nicely!  It will be a sculpture printed to the maximum height of the Lulzbot TAZ 5

download (21)