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Custom Deep Purple 1.75mm tool head for a LulzBot Taz 3D Printer

1.75mm tool head for the LulzBot Taz 6 3D Printed in Chroma Strand Labs Purple High Performance ABS

Keith wanted to print 1.75mm filament on his LulzBot TAZ 6, so he picked up one of our 1.75mm hexagon hotend kits
He thought black ABS would be too plain for the printed parts, so when he saw the fabulous new deep purple “grape” colored High Performance ABS from Chroma Strand Labs, he knew it was just the ticket for his cool new custom toolhead! You can find the models for the toolhead parts on Thingiverse and LulzBot’s website.
What would you like to print in this great new Purple color?

Benchy 3D Printed in Chroma Strand Labs Purple High Performance ABS
Marvin 3D Printed in Chroma Strand Labs Purple High Performance ABS


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MSDS for ABS and PETG 3D printer filaments

If your company requires MSDS sheets for your 3D printer filament, or you just want to know what your are printing,  Chroma Strand Labs recently issued MSDS sheets for their Inova-2008 PETG 3D printer filament and HIGH Impact ABS 3d printing filament. Links to the MSDS sheets are on the product pages.

MSDS for ABS and PETG 3D printer filament.
MSDS for ABS and PETG 3D printer filament.

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New HIGH IMPACT ABS 3D printer filament from Chroma Strand Labs!

ABS is a staple 3D printer filament that’s versatile, strong, heat resistant, and inexpensive. Chroma Strand Labs brings you a new level of performance, quality, and fantastic color saturation with new American made HIGH IMPACT ABS!

Chroma Strand maintains stringent controls for dimensional accuracy, and uses premium dye packages to ensure impressive colors (seriously, the photos don’t do it justice, we need better photog skills!) and consistent printing color to color and batch to batch. If you want shiny, deep colors in ABS, this filament should be your new go-to.

Free shipping and $3 off- only $40/kg

Find out how a premium filament steps up your printing performance with Chroma Strand Labs HIGH IMPACT ABS.

More colors coming soon…

Is PETg your thing (or you haven’t discovered how it makes your printing easier), check out new Chroma Strand Labs Inova-2008 PETg too.

Yes, this deeply saturated, rich orange is just like a certain local major sports team uses!
Golden rich deep orange-yellow
Yep, that sports team’s blue too
Black is so hard to photograph. Suffice to say this is a really satisfying deep black

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Print your own chair feet!

The Problem: Kitchen chairs!

Our kitchen chairs were what my Granny would have called, catywompus!  The plastic feet inserts broke over the years , but when we thought we would just add new ones, we discovered they were custom to the chair.   After much searching online, I found a whole lot of nothing.  I decided to save myself the hassle and hand Jamie a chair foot so that he could draw up a design in Tinkercad!  A couple of days later he handed me back a 3D printed chair foot, very similar to the one I originally gave him!

It snapped in easy peasy!   Jamie printed off enough for the rest of the chairs and ten minutes of install later our chairs were no longer ‘catywompus’.   Easiest home improvement/fix up ever!!  I am slowly discovering that having a 3D printer comes in quite handy for around the house stuff and making parts that you may otherwise have to have custom-made.   That, and it’s just a lot of fun!!

How To:
For this project Jamie used a Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer and black ABS filament.  At first we considered using a flexible filament called Ninja Flex, but decided against it.  I was concerned that with it being flexible and sort of ‘grabby’ for lack of a better description, that it would be difficult to move across the hardwood floors.  The ABS is a tough and smoother filament and moved easily on the floor, although in the end I’m not sure if that mattered because I put furniture sliders on top of the chair feet.

If you have broken things around your house or little broken parts that are difficult to come by, you may  be able to design a replacement yourself and 3D print it, just as we did these chair feet.

Chair foot insert replacement 3d print (4) Chair foot insert replacement 3d print (3) Chair foot insert replacement 3d print (1) Chair foot insert replacement 3d print (2)

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Cord keeper!

If you are anything like most of us, you probably have a few cords on your desk!   A USB or some sort of phone charger, speaker wires, ect..     I had a USB for my phone plugged into the back of my computer and draped up to my desk for the longest time.  Every time I unplugged my phone, it would drop back onto the ground.  Let me tell you, that got irritating really fast.  Although I am a little more flexible for having to move around and contort myself to reach behind my computer! *I dub it USB yoga!*

One day while browsing around on Thingiverse for cool designs, I stumbled across this cord keeper.  There were a couple of files with it.  One has screw holes so you can mount it to your desk or wherever it is that you put it and one does not.  I printed both and settled with the one that didn’t have the screw holes because I didn’t want to leave marks all over the desk should I decide to move it around.  I attached it with command adhesive strips so that it could be moved without damaging my desk.  However, if this were in a place that you wanted it to stay permanently, the screw holes would be handy!

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3D Printable modifications for your Lulzbot TAZ – Rotation Knob Extender


Lulzbot’s website offers a great learning resource on their website!  I was browsing around and stumbled across this great little modification for the TAZ.  It’s a knob extender for the knob on the LCD!  You can download the files for this HERE. This is great if you have small fingers or like in my case, chubby little fingers. 😉  This would also be great for someone with larger hands that little bitty knobs can be difficult for.  It makes the knob on the LCD larger and more easily moveable, yet it doesn’t cover the entire knob.  This allows it to still push the button in as normal.   It fits snugly and doesn’t seem to rotate or move around on the knob.  You could also have a little fun with it and print in various colors, I’m a fan of pink!

Both of these were printed in ABS filament, which is a strong and inexpensive type of filament.  You can purchase ABS filament as well as many other types HERE