SynDaver Hemera Volcano X Conversion


Do you need a larger nozzle on your SynDaver Axi printer for faster, strong prints?

We have created a kit that allows you to replace your current setup with a Volcano setup.

Available as a hotend only, a toolhead kit form, and a complete built toolhead ready to install.



Add-ons total:


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This kit consists of the following:

New Mount
New Fan Duct
Volcano Heater Block
Volcano Nozzle X .8mm
Volcano Sock
Titanium Heat Break
Thermal Paste
Hardware to mount Fan duct

You will need to install the hotend and clock the Heater block to its correct location and then perform a heat tighten at 280C to ensure no leaks occur.


Additional information

Build Format

Hotend Kit, Toolhead Kit, Complete Toolhead


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