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The Apollo is a CoreXZ 3D printer. Built from the ground up to be a tool for the maker and the small business. Now shipping! Current orders will ship within two weeks!


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Time to give the maker a tool rather than a project.

The Apollo 3D printer has been designed from the ground up to be a tool, something you can reliably call on to get the job done jus like its big brother the Daedalus. Our goal was to give you a tool at an affordable price point, the the price doesn’t stop at the time of purchase. We are using the MK52 style bed that allows you to get flex plates that fit the MK3 and Switchwire printers which are affordable and readily available.

Built to Last


The Apollo frame is a combination of 5mm milled aluminum plate, 4040 and 4020 extrusion providing incredible rigidity in this style of printer.


We went with the Duet 3 Mini 5+ controller (WIFI or Ethernet) for the main board which allows for new software features like Input Shaping. We also have two of our Z Break Boards that keep the Z axis from dropping during power loss.


The motion system may seem a little strange but the CoreXZ motion system brings the best off both worlds into one machine. No lead screws no problem, this eliminates the possibility of Z banding from bent lead screws or miss alignment. We are able to get the speed advantages you see in CoreXY but the lower price we can offer in a “bed slinger”.

Print Bed

We went with the MK52 bed with allows for flex plates from many different venders that are currently on the market. This way you can use what ever print surface you prefer

  • Standard comes with a textured PEI sheet

Extruder and Hotend

We are offering a handful of different hotend/extruder options. Dont worry since the system is easily swappable if you want to change it up you can order a new combo and change it out with 4 bolts and one plug.

  • BYOH, we will send you a front plate of your choice but you provide the extruder and hotend. You will be provided the crimps and plugs to still utilize the quick plug system.

  • E3D Revo with a brass 0.4 nozzle and an LGX extruder (this is with our new Revo LGX Heatsink)

  • E3D Revo Hemera XS with brass 0.4 nozzle

  • Slice Engineering Mosquito with a precision E3D 40w heater, E3D thermistor, and 0.4 Vanadium Nozzle and LGX extruder

  • Slice Engineering Mosquito Magnum with a precision E3D 40w heater, E3D thermistor, and 0.4 Vanadium Nozzle and LGX extruder.

Printing Reliably at Speed!

With normal print speeds between 100-150mm/sec get the job done faster, and reliably. We are able to acheeve these speeds with great print results due to a combinatioon of Input Shaper and our new Bed Dampening System. This system counterweights the bed and some of the weight of your print to remove the artifacts that happen when you moved the bed back and forth on other printers. This allows for high quility prints from the bed to the top of the build volume.

If you have specific materials you need a high-speed profile for please let us know we will happily assist you with that.

System Technical Specifications

Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)

Build Volume (XYZ): 250mm x 230mm x 250mm

Layer Resolution (0.4mm nozzle): 10-300 microns

Print Speeds

  • High Quality (0.02mm layers): 100-120mm/sec

  • Draft Quality (0.2mm layers):130-150mm/sec

    Print Surface: PEI Heated Bed (20-120°C)

    Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm

    Connectivity: WiFi or Ethernet (LAN) (Ethernet upon request)

    Physical Dimensions

    Dimensions (XYZ): 410mm x 320mm x 460mm

    Weight: 15lbs


    Prusa Slicer, Simplify 3D Slicer, and Cura are compatible. Profiles for Prusa Slicer and Simplify are provided.

    Supported OS: MacOS, Window, and Linux

    Warranty Period: 12 months (extensions are available)

What’s In The Box

Apollo 3D Printer

Spool Holder with Bowden Tube

Power Cable

1kg Spool of PLA

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 20 in

Revo LGX, Revo Hemera XS, Mosquito LGX, Mosquito Magnum LGX


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