PEI Replacement


Want convenient bubble free PEI replacement for your LulzBot TAZ or MINI? Have IT-Works replace your PEI sheet!



How does the IT-Works PEI replacement program work?

  1. Purchase the appropriate option for your bed
  2. Carefully pack your bed, and enclose your order receipt
  3. Mail your bed and receipt to:
    Attn: PEI replacement
    123 12th St SW
    Loveland, CO. 80537
  4. IT-Works removes your old PEI and adhesive, installs new 3M468MP adhesive and .01″ thick Ultem PEI, and mails your bed back.

*** Important ***
– Occasionally bed glass fractures in the process of laminating the new adhesive and PEI. We will send you a different bed if this occurs.
– Please inspect your bed heater for delamination before sending. Heat it up to 110 for 10 minutes, and using gloves, press and slide your fingers across the heater while looking at the adhesive from the PEI side. Changes in color of the adhesive when the heater is pressed into it may indicate the need for fresh heater adhesive as well. Send pictures if this is the case so we can discuss options.

You will receive a tracking email when you bed is on its way back.

Additional information

Weight.01 lbs
Dimensions14 x 14 x .1 in
Printer Bed

LulzBot TAZ, LulzBot Mini


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