LulzBot TAZ FlexyDually Tool Head v2

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Bring 3D printed objects with flexibility, strength, and rigidity to your LulzBot TAZ with the new LulzBot® TAZ FlexyDually Tool Head V2!



Combine flexible and rigid materials to achieve unique 3D printed objects. This expert-level tool head enables you to make: Living hinges, 3D printed-in-place gaskets and sealing surfaces, tires bonded to wheel hubs, wearables, and more.

Works with: LulzBot® TAZ 5, LulzBot® TAZ 4

Recommended for expert users. Do not print solid filaments through the flexible filament extruder.

The new LulzBot TAZ® FlexyDually Tool Head v2 features the popular LulzBot Hexagon Hot End. The hot end’s all-metal construction raises the maximum extrusion temperature to 300°C, allowing you to print with even more types of specialty 3D printing filament.

Upgrades include a precision machined aluminum extruder mounting plate and lower bracket for easier setup and a more reliable experience. As well as a filament cooling fan on each side of both nozzles for even filament cooling.

NinjaFlex® and SemiFlex premium 3D printing filaments by NinjaTek bring outstanding strength and flexibility to 3D printed parts. They bond well to ABS for complex, multi-material objects.


Parts Included with new Flexy Dually tool heads:

LulzBot® TAZ FlexyDually Tool Head v2 (Fully Assembled)

Wade’s Accessible Extruder

LulzBot® TAZ Extruder Mount

All required mounting hardware


Required filament diameter: 3mm

Hot end temperature range: 120°C – 300°C

Nozzle diameters: 0.6mm

Required power system: 24v

Fans: Heat sink and nozzle fans included

TAZ 5 Installation

Refurbished tool heads are fully tested and include the tool head and cable, though other accessories that are included with a new tool head such as bed corners may not be included with the refurbished tool heads, subject to availability.  If ordering a refurbished Dual, contact us to be sure you get the parts you need.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 8 x 7 in

Refurbished tool head and cable, New








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