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A fully enclosed build environment capable of high temperatures allows the Nautilus to print engineering materials like ABS, ASA, Nylon, PCABS, Vinyl, and more with a greatly reduced chance of warping compared to a typical open frame 3D printer.  Utilizes a 205 x 205 x 220 print Volume.

The enclosure keeps unpleasant smells generated by printing certain materials from escaping as easily. The Nautilus also has a vent on the back with mounting for fume extraction or filtration to reduce the risk of harmful micro-plastic particles escaping into your work environment.

With genuine E3D hotend components, Bondtech™ extruder gears, Igus self lubricating motion system, Gates Power Grip timing belt, and high-end Duet 32-bit electronics, you can count on the Nautilus for years to come.

The magnetically attached flexible print surface on the Nautilus makes it quick and easy to remove parts. No more scraping and prying to get parts off, which can damage the part and the print surface during the process.

Always have the best print surface for a given material to ensure good bed adhesion and a successful print. A PEI print surface is included with the Nautilus, while a BuildTak Original one will be sold separately with the potential for even more options becoming available in the future.

Quickly change between nozzle sizes with magnetic Tool Cartridges.

The standard X 400 Tool Cartridge that comes with every Nautilus is equipped with E3D Nozzle X, a specially plated tool steel nozzle designed to guarantee a long lifetime, even when printing abrasive materials like carbon fiber or glass composites.

The Nautilus comes standard with a X 400 Tool Cartridge for a great balance between speed and detail. Additional tool cartridges for more specialized applications are sold separately.

Expand your printing capabilities with the Nautilus Tool Cartridge ecosystem.

B 250 Tool Cartridge — for high-detail.

X 400 Tool Cartridge — for high-speed and strength.

Thanks to the Nautilus’ modular Tool Cartridge system, the possibilities are endless and the ecosystem does not stop here…

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Hydra Research believes progress is a collaborative effort! They have released source files for the Nautilus 3D printer on our GitHub. This means you can use, share, reproduce, or sell any of their designs as you like, as long as you publish everything you do under the same or a compatible license. 

The Nautilus designs and software are licensed under LGPL-3.0 by Hydra Research, LLC

Key Technical Specifications:

Tool Cartridge: Genuine E3D (0.4mm) Also optional a .25 and a .8

Max Hot End Temperature: 300°C

Max Build Plate Temperature: 125°C

Print Surface: PEI (other print surfaces sold separately)

Extruder: Direct Drive with Bondtech™

Leveling: Motorized Z-Axis Compensation

Connectivity: WiFi or Ethernet


Open Filament System

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm

Compatible Spool Size: Up to 30cm in diameter and 11cm in width

Supported Materials

PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA, PCABS, Nylon, PVC, HIPS, Fiber Reinforced, and Flexible

Coming In the Future…

PP, and more…

Comes with a 1 year Manufacturer Warranty – Extended Warranty Available



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