Hydra Research Dry Box – 1.75mm filament only


Compatible with the Nautilus and many 3rd party FFF 3D printers

For use with 1.75mm diameter materials only.

Will not actively dry the material. Designed to keep dry material dry for longer.


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Improve Print Quality By Keeping Material Dry

All 3D printing filaments absorb moisture from the air. This can cause strength degradation and print quality issues, particularly “stringing” and rough surface texture. Not all filaments suffer from this problem to the same degree, the primary culprits are Nylon and Co-polyester. The Nautilus Box is designed to solve these problems by keeping your already dry materials dry for a longer period of time. It WILL NOT ACTIVELY DRY your material.

We strongly recommend the use of a dehydrator to actively dry your filament for 24 to 48 hours or longer. You can then place your dry filament in the Nautilus Box and print directly from the box until you notice print quality issues due to moisture absorption or you see the hygrometer on the Nautilus Box display a humidity greater than 30%. At this point, place your material and desiccant back in the dehydrator for 24 to 48 hours or longer.


  • Keeps dry filament dry during printing and storage

  • Print straight from the Nautilus Box

  • See what the material is and how much is left thanks to clear side panels

  • Keep the filament end secure during storage with the filament notch

  • Securely mount the Nautilus Box on the Nautilus’ existing spool holder with the slots on the bottom

  • Monitor the humidity inside the Nautilus Box with the onboard hygrometer

  • Never forget what humidity to stay below since the humidity threshold is printed right on the side

  • Compatible with many FFF 3D printers

    • Feed material from several orientations

    • Includes 1M of PTFE which you can cut to the perfect length for your specific setup.

  • Rechargeable Desiccant Cartridge

  • Rechargeable – Reactive the desiccant at 100°C for 12-24 hrs. Temperatures lower than 100 °C may work. DO NOT EXCEED 100 °C.

  • Color Changing Desiccant

    • Blue = Active

    • Pink = Inactive

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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