Hydra Research 3d Printer Accessories


Looking for accessories for the Hydra Research Nautilus 3d printer?

Look no further.  Get your toolheads, and print surfaces here.  Free Shipping.




Add-ons total:



All items will ship direct to you from the manufacturer

B250 – .25mm nozzle for high resolution printing

X400 – .4 nozzle that comes standard with the nautilus

x800 – .8 nozzle for high speed printing

BuildTak PEI – This spring steel and PEI sheet is for the Nautilus 3D printer. The print surface is the same one that ships with the Nautilus, this part is great as a replacement or backup print surface so you can get your next print started fast. PEI provides a smooth, glossy surface finish.

BuildTak Original – This spring steel and BuildTak sheet is for the Nautilus 3D printer. The print surface is great as a backup print surface so you can get your next print started fast. A great print surface for PLA, ABS, HIPS, flexibles, and co-polyesters. BuildTak provides a mottled surface finish that looks like powder coated metal.


HydraCare 1yr Service Plan


While Hydra Research will cover any manufacturing defects under their Standard 1 Year Warranty, you may want to take things a step further. With HYDRACare, Hydra Research will cover up to $200 in replacement parts and all associated repair labor regardless of the cause of the problem.


Need help choosing the right material for your application, designing a part for FFF 3D printing, optimizing slicing for through-put, quality, etc, or have other questions regarding the usage of the Nautilus? HYDRACare includes 4 hours consulting help via phone or email. We are available 9:30a-5:30p PST Monday-Friday and generally respond within one business day or less.


  • You are responsible for all shipping costs related to sending in the Nautilus for repair.
  • HYDRACare does not cover cosmetic defects; only items that inhibit the functionality of the Nautilus will be covered.
  • Consumables like Tool Cartridges and Print Surfaces are not covered by HYDRACare.
  • You can purchase HYDRACare for your Nautilus up to 30 days after the original purchase date of the Nautilus.
  • A separate plan is required for each Nautilus you wish to cover.
  • HYDRACare is valid for one year from the original purchase date of your Nautilus 3D printer.

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B250, X400, X800, BuildTakPEI, BuildTak Original, HydraCare Service Plan


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