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Cleaning Filament is valuable when transitioning between filaments that require different printing temperatures or have very different colors.

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Cleaning Filament cannot be used to create objects, instead it is a complementary filament to properly maintain your LulzBot®3D printer.

Use Cleaning Filament to purge the tool head of your LulzBot® 3D printer when going from a high temperature filament to a lower temperature filament, or when transitioning from a dark color filament to a light color filament. Cleaning Filament can also be valuable to purge the tool head after using composite materials. This significantly reduces the likelihood that residual particles might remain in the tool head to affect future prints. Using Cleaning Filament also requires cutting a short length of 100mm -200mm (3.44in – 7.87in) from the coil, and manually controlling the software to transition between the temperature of the last material you printed with and the next material you are going to print with.

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