Mosaic Palette+ Multi Material Filament System – 1.75mm


How does it work?

Pallete+ by Mosaic Manufacturing takes up to four filaments and combines them into a single filament strand. This strand is then fed to your printer, enabling your single-extruder printer to create multi-filament prints!


  1. Drive: Palette+’s all-metal drive systems, inspired by those on industrial FDM machines, accurately control filament to ensure the right lengths are driven from each input.
  2. Cut: A rotary cutter system slices filament to ensure a clean, low-resistance cut, time after time.
  3. Connect: Palette+’s patent-pending splicing system connects filaments together end-to-end before passing them through a machined PTFE (Teflon) channel and splicing them together.
  4. Cool: Combining both active and passive cooling systems, your newly spliced filament is re-hardened to ensure it keeps tight dimensions before being passed to your printer.

Calibrate: Our patent-pending synchronization systems continually monitor and adjust for filament usage, allowing Palette+ to modify filament lengths to ensure perfect calibration over thousands of feet


Turbocharge your printer with Pallete+ by Mosaic Manufacturing.

Palette+ combines 4x 1.75mm filaments and feeds them into your printer in real time, no modifications required.

  • Print impossible overhangs with water-soluble support.
  • Make heat- and water-resistant models in 4 colors of durable PETG.
  • Create functional, end-use products by combining PLA with a flexible TPU.

Pallete+ by Mosaic Manufacturing works with most filament-based printers. Find out if your printer is compatible with Palette+ here.

Join the global community of Palette owners in 30+ countries.

See what Palette and Palette+ owners are creating:

Combine the Pallete+ with a Titan Aero Toolhead by IT-Works3d and you will have an amazing setup!!

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