IT-Works 3D

Located in Julesburg, CO. USA, IT-Works 3D helps make 3D printers a useful tool for your Business, Home, School, Library, and Government Agency with 3D Printer Sales, Parts, Filament, and Repairs.


Check out our custom Toolheads for Lulzbot TAZ and Lulzbot TAZ mini featuring the E3D Titan Aero, making printing any filament with one toolhead a possibility.   We also feature many Lulzbot parts for various version of the TAZ and TAZ mini.  Check out our parts selection.


Aleph Object was purchased by FAME 3D, and is now back up and running.  New printer orders will be filled immediately.  We will still continue to offer products for the Lulzbot Line of printers and keep toolheads and parts on the shelves at all times.  If you do not see something that you need, please email us and we can either source or build it for you.  [email protected]


AS OF 5/6/2020 we can no longer offer free shipping.  We are very sorry for this inconvenience.